Apt. 200, LosAngeles

Apt. 200 Los Angeles emerges as the latest addition to the Apt. 200 bar series, embodying a fresh and distinctive interpretation of the city's aesthetic. With a nod to its predecessors' lively house party atmosphere, the design seamlessly integrates elements that capture the essence of Los Angeles.

The ambiance unfolds through carefully curated features, including a faux fireplace, vintage couches, and art-adorned white walls, encapsulating the spirit of a vibrant house gathering. The elevated seating area, reminiscent of a 70s party living room, stands as the centerpiece, evoking a sense of nostalgia and dynamic energy.

A harmonious blend of elements such as cove lighting, high gloss tile, and an amber mirror wall envelops the space, fostering a warm and inviting environment. Apt. 200 Los Angeles strikes the perfect balance for a night out, offering a lively atmosphere that retains the comfort and allure of an enjoyable night in.

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